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All about Ethical Hacking - Beginner's Information

Ethical Hacking and Types of Ethical Hackers. Beginner's guide to ethical hacking.

Ethical Hacking - A general definition

The term Hacking can be defined as a way to find the weaknesses
of the computer system or computer network and making an attempt for gaining
access into the system, with an intention to get critical information persisting in the
system or even exploiting the system. The person who does so is termed as

Types of Hackers

Based on the intention of hackers are broadly divided into three categories.

Black Hat Hackers:

Black Hat Hackers are the hackers who gain unauthorized
access to the computer network or system for personal gain which may include
stealing data, exploiting the system and etc.

White Hat Hackers:

These are the people who use their skills for finding the
weaknesses or vulnerability in a system with proper consent of the owner and also
finds a way to fix them.

Grey Hat Hackers:

These are the people who fall in between the Black Hat Hackers
and White Hat Hackers, they might gain access to the system without the proper
consent of the owner and later may inform the owner. However, this act may be
treated as Illegal.
All white hat hackers are considered as Ethical Hackers, as mentioned earlier they
take proper consent before making an attempt to hack into the system, often
providing a countermeasure to resolve that vulnerability and weaknesses. Most of
the companies hired Ethical Hackers in order to make their system more secure.

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